Sheepey Race - EVO 8/9 Twin Scroll Forward Facing Up Pipe Kit

Our Forward Facing twin scroll Hot Parts combo!

All of our turbo manifolds come with premium port work on all flanges to ensure the best flow possible!


Our Kit Includes:

  • Twinscroll EVO 8/9 T4 divided manifold with 38/40mm vband gate flange
  • Vband o2 dump
  • Vband downpipe
  • 2 wastegate dump tubes
  • 2 - 3 inch vband clamps

We offer all of our hot parts kits as complete turbo kits. Shoot us an email for a quote!


 ***All turbo manifolds & kits are built to order. Due to a high volume of orders, please allow 3 weeks for your item to ship!***     

 Warranty Information:All of our turbo manifolds maintain a 10 year warranty to the original owner from the purchasing date. Our warranty covers all material and manufacturing defects. All of our fabrication is done in house in the USA. We utilize the best material and fabricator available to ensure that you'll never have a problem. We do NOT cover warranty claims on issues caused by you. We also do not warranty second hand owners at this time.