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Our twin turbo kit is currently available in two variations. Our stage one kit, SR 888-4 is a twin turbo kit utilizing mirror image turbochargers from Precision. Boost is managed with Turbosmart wastegates and blow off valves. Our hand fabricated air to water intercoolers and heat exchangers utilize cores from CSF. We produce all the custom hoses in house utilizing a hydraulic crimp machine to ensure that your setup will be leak free. The hot parts of the kit are all hand fabricated in house and are available in stainless as a standard or an upgrade to a titanium exhaust system at an additional cost.


Our stage 1 kit utilizes a factory ECU re-mapping and is perfect for a stock engine and transmission. Our stage 2,  SR 999-4 kit is identical to our stage 1 kit from a hard parts perspective, but it utilizes a Syvecs engine management system that allows us to tune both the stock engine and transmission.

Kit Includes

  • Precision 6266 Gen 2 Dual Ball Bearing Mirror Image Turbochargers
  • Turbosmart 45mm Gen V Wastegates
  • Turbosmart Gen V Raceport Blow Off Valve
  • Custom Handcrafted Air to Water Intercoolers with 1000hp CSF Cores
  • Dual Handcrafted Heat Exchangers
  • Back Purged Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  • Custom color scheme on intercoolers, wastegates, blow off valves FREE of charge.


Stage 1 - SR 888-4 Starts at $32,000

Stage 2 - SR 999-4 Starts at $44,000

Our kits include a 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty on all work performed by us. f


93 Octane Pump Gas - 800 WHP


93 Octane Pump Gas - 800 WHP

VP MS109 Race Gas - 950 WHP



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