Sheepey Race Series by Web Camshafts - AS3 B/H Series VTEC KILLER Camshafts

This camshafts are the real deal Holyfield! When every little matter counts, and loosing rotating weight in the cylinder head is a must. Theses camshafts come with the Web Pro Series extended rocker arm made of crome moly. Also included are spacers that eliminate VTEC. The main advantage is we have one lobe opening one valve. So instead of giving one lobe double the spring pressure we ease the cam by giving one lobe one valve for less stress on the cam and better valve control. Yes, there are many cars out there running VTEC still, but what you are not informed is the damage done to springs, valves and lack of control of the valve at very high RPM causing what we call "valve float". The camshaft specs are the same stuff we use in our SFWD car and make awesome power.
  • Valve springs must have atleast 85lbs of seat pressure. 
  • Check the valve spring retainer to valve guide clearance at maximum lift. Must have minimum of .030" clearance.
Intake -
Duration at .050 - 264 degrees
Valve lift - .528

Exhaust -
Duration at .050 - 268 degrees
Valve lift - .518