Sheepey Race Series by Web Camshafts - AS2 B/H Series VTEC Camshafts

This camshaft was designed for the 800whp+ turbo guys that still run VTEC. I designed it to be able to carry power up  to 10,500RPM and take advantage of the well designed cylinder heads. If you do NOT have the proper clearances and different LMAs cam failure WILL happen. For race application only. 
Cylinder head must be setup correctly for this camshaft to clear and work. Ideal camshafts for 72mm cars looking for that EXTRA push over the top on a vtec assembly.
  • It requires aftermarket Lost Motion assembly such as: type R LMAs or H22 LMAs with a washer under it.
  • Valve springs must have atleast 85lbs of seat pressure.  
  • Check the valve spring retainer to valve guide clearance at maximum lift. Must have minimum of .030" clearance.

These are camshafts specs of actual numbers to expect in the engine. No advertise numbers or "level" stuff here. Just 
real deal numbers

Duration at .050 - 261 degrees
Valve Lift .510

Duration at .050 - 265 degrees
Valve Lift .488