Sheepey Race Series by Web Camshafts - AS1 B/H Series VTEC Camshafts

This camshaft is for the turbo cars making 500whp+ looking for some more topend and to free up easy boost. The camshaft
still has well paired primary lobes to maintain great drivability. Many of the 67mm Street trim cars run this cam profile. This setup works great on stock cylinder heads with performance valve jobs. 

  • Aftermarket valvetrain required to prevent coil bind and valve float.
  • Suggested to change stock LMAs with ITR/H22s with more clearance. 
  • Check the valve spring retainer to valve guide clearance at maximum lift. Must have minimum of .030" clearance.

Camshaft specs are actual specs you will see in the engine. No advertise or "level" BS here, just real deal specs.

Intake - 
Duration at .050 - 260
Valve lift - .480

Exhaust - 
Duration at .050 - 257
Valve lift .468